MIDWEST is an Americana/Folk ‘n’ Roll band from Chicago. Their songs reminisce heartbreak hangovers and cradle the listener with whiskey-soaked lullabies; music born out of cornfields, cold winters and rust belt love letters.

Heavily inspired by Americana, Singer/Songwriter, and Motown music, with influences that can be traced from Patsy Cline and Ryan Adams, to Heartless Bastards and The Lone Bellow, the sound remains uniquely northern backwoods.

Employing violin, upright bass, keys, harmonica and pared-down percussion, each song is built around the foundation of sweet, swelling 2 and 3-part vocal harmonies and driven by the aching heartbeat of the bass. The energy created is electric, heart-pulling and captivating — you can’t help but stomp your feet along with them.

Nicolette Verone, guitar & vocals
Heather Bodie, vocals
Dave Belden, violin
Alexis Dionissopoulos, guitar
Nate Ross, percussion
Joshua Sauvageau, bass