Music born out of cornfields, cold winters and rust belt love letters

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Come On Home - Live

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Thursday, June 26th
City Winery

1200 W Randolph, Chicago, IL
MIDWEST plays Gildapalooza for the second year in a row. So proud to do our part for this amazing organization. 6pm.

Friday, July 11th
The Mill

120 E Burlington St, Iowa City, IA

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Download our debut album, Come On Home

The songs reminisce heartbreak hangovers and cradle with whiskey-soaked lullabies.


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Hitting the ground running!

We’re back home after our very first tour! We’ve returned a little road weary and completely exhausted, but ready to do it all over again — no kidding, we’re planning our next tour right now. We couldn’t have done any of this without your love and support. Huge thanks to the fans who made it […]

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